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Our Structural Condition Survey assesses the current health of a structure, identifying the loads & forces acting on the structure, ascertaining the effects of these loads and forces and finally assessing the stability & safety of the structure for its remaining life.

The survey provides our clients with systematic, uniform and objective information on the condition of their asset informing them of what work is needed to maintain and protect the asset for the future.

Structural Condition Surveys & Structural Monitoring

The results and finding from our structural condition surveys enable our clients to:

  • identify what work is needed to maintain the asset
  • consider how much works might cost
  • prioritise work within available budgets
  • understand if the nature of the asset has changed

Typically, our structural condition survey comprises:

  • Visual inspection of individual building or structures from inside and outside
  • Examine architectural & structural designs and drawings
  • Photographic survey
  • Noting various observations such as
    • Load transfer system
    • Structural framing system
    • Structural deficiencies
    • Settlements
    • Cracks in reinforced concrete members
    • Cracks in masonry and plaster
    • Building fabric
    • Leakages
    • Loads on structure
    • Defects in non-structural elements etc.
    • sewage and drainage
    • fire safety and security
  • Identification of broad areas and locations of the structure requiring further detail investigation and for conducting various non-destructive tests
  • To conduct non-destructive tests as required in detail visual survey