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Our highly knowledgeable engineers and material scientists operate at the cutting edge of the industry, implementing innovative technology and software solutions to deliver accurate and fast reporting to our clients.

We offer quality surveys and condition assessments, delivered by industry experts reporting on everything from simple reinforcement bar scans to full scale condition assessments to determine remaining service life. We work closely with our clients to tailor each investigation to their specific need.

Our techniques are designed to identify deterioration trends early, determine their root cause, and develop plans to maintain, repair and extend the life of civil and structural assets. Drawing on our extensive experience from industry experts with international reputation we can provide alternative solutions – enhanced by constructability analysis to optimize repairs and lower costs.

Service Life Modelling And Durability Analyses

We maintain a close working relationship with academia where latest research and techniques are constantly being developed. This collaboration allows us to offer a ‘best-in-class’ approach to all our clients and their projects.

Our expertise includes:

  • Service-life estimation, durability design and lifecycle modelling
  • Repair design and cathodic protection systems for pipelines and concrete
  • Concrete Investigations:
    • Hammer surveys (Rebound and tap)
    • Cover meter surveys
    • Corrosion mapping (Half-cell potential)
    • Ion sampling (Chloride, sulphate etc)
    • Carbonation testing
    • Microstructural techniques such as X-ray diffraction (XRD)
    • and petrographic analysis
  • Pipeline investigations:
    • Ultrasonic inspections on steel, plastics (PE and PVC etc), and concrete
    • Material conformity and deterioration testing
  • Metallurgy and steel work:
    • Yield testing
    • Non-destructive testing (phased array ultrasonic/magnetic particle
    • inspection/dye penetrant inspection)
    • Corrosion assessments
      • Soil and water surveys
      • Other specialist testing services:
    • Ground penetrating radar surveys
    • Photogrammetry
    • Historic masonry and mortar analysis
    • Load testing
    • Finite element modelling of existing structures
    • Structural monitoring
  • Litigations and expert witnessing