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Amphora Consulting specialises in the field of Forensic Engineering and Failure Analyses and uses extensive scientific expert knowledge and technology to determine the root cause of failures. Before responsibility and liability can be established, our fully qualified experts determine the primary cause of the incident including other contributing factors.


The results of our Forensic Engineering investigations can be used as part of the resolution process in civil and criminal trials, insurance claims, contractual disputes and more. Extensive and in-depth investigation helps to identify problems, and findings empower engineers and manufacturers/builders to avoid these mistakes in the future and make the world safer.

We help to resolve disputes through:

  • Expert witness that helps the court understand technical issues
  • Definitive findings that enable claims adjusters and assessors determine compensation
  • Help make components safer
  • Reduce failure rates in all types of applications
  • Improve procedures to reduce building imperfections
  • Identify best practices to reduce number of failures
  • Share technical information on failures and build knowledge base
  • Develop/improve guidelines on conducting failure investigations