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Amphora Consulting is a strong proponent of the principles of the Design and Build process. We welcome the real benefits that come from putting the designer and contractor together. These include:

  • Value Engineering
  • Reduced Contract Risk
  • Improved Buildability
  • Improved Health and Safety.

In addition, we believe that placing design responsibilities with the contractor reduces conflict and significantly helps problem resolution and thereby reduces the possibility of extensive disputes. We also strongly believe that these benefits are maximised by creating single project teams with each partner contributing their particular skill and experience.


At Amphora Consulting our building designers present an immense depth of expertise covering every type of building design. We are actively promoting sustainable development in all we do and strive to go beyond the norm for clients. We bring this approach to every area of our work, from ingenuity in design to quality in service, bringing the expertise of our best, most appropriately experienced people applying best-in-class practice and best thinking.

'Buildability' considerations underpin all successful design solutions and our designers are encouraged to analyse their solutions for buildability, from project inception. We are committed to integrating with the entire contractor design team to deliver economical, optimum and value- engineered building designs.

For Design & Build projects our key considerations and actions we consider important are:

  • Establish defined goals that direct the construction methodology.
  • Early analysis of construction options with the other construction stakeholders.
  • Regular technical reviews throughout the design development process allowing input from the most technically experienced staff within the team.
  • 'Good practice' detailing established from previous projects and up-to-date technical literature.
  • Consider modular off-site fabrication techniques that bring significant benefit in time and quality.